Where Gulf spends summer vacation? Here's the favorite destinations


Where Gulf spends summer vacation? Here's the favorite destinations

Best tourist destinations for Arab tourists. Get to know them fully
Because of the great development in recent years in the Arab Gulf states and increase education and travel has increased the rate of interest of Arab tourists, especially the Arab Gulf states to travel and tourism all over the world and with the provision of facilities and the presence of a large excess material
He helped the spread of tourist trips in the Gulf countries and do business, and also the presence of recreational tourism and leisure tourism. In this article we will talk about the best tourist destination for tourists and favored by the Arab and private
Gulf tourists

Until recently was the point of the Gulf tourists are going to Syria or Lebanon to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, recreation and rest and also entertainment, but because of the recent events in Syria, civil war, the circuit there and hand the Arab tourists to other countries changed
Such as travel to the Emirate of Dubai, as well as travel and tourism in Turkey because of the proximity and the lack of price with the presence of tourist destinations to attract Arab and foreign tourists alike, as well as Arab tourists also tend to travel to some European countries, such as
Travel and Tourism in London, Geneva and Paris as well as also a vintage countries in the world travel and tourism destinations, a favorite is very grainy and of all tourists from various countries around the world, not just the Arab Gulf.
And the desire of the diversity in the world tourism destinations as well as the varied tourist destinations traveler it appeared some of the new Arab tourist destinations such as the Philippines, Indonesia and several other Asian countries
It also notes some of the tourist experience of countries in the African continent such as South Africa to the presence of tourist diversity allows tourists and Arab Gulf choice between adventure, recreation and tourism beach beautifully landscaped pulls the kernels and kidnap minds
But it is still in its first steps to attract Gulf market in general and the Arab world.

Recent studies showed the growth rate of the use of the Arab and Gulf tourists to the Internet and it appeared evident in the use of the global hotel booking sites and hotel reservation localizations in Arabic on the World Wide Web, where Statistics confirm that the rate of use of Arab booking sites
Through Alantert reached to 50% and the average tourist nights expired about 12 days to set up at a tourist trip and the average spending in the one o'clock flight 3600 Real average of about 300 rials per day.

And spread tourist trips in the Gulf, where circles, ranging from short-term trips from one day to four days long and trips up to two months and three months.

During the first six months of 2016, visited Turkey some 10 million tourists, according to statements by Turkish Minister of Tourism and Culture Minister, said the presence of Turkish tourism projects to increase tourism cooperation between Turkey and the Arab countries and work to increase the development of Arab tourism
State Turkey Tenctiha and provide all means of comfort and work on removing any obstacles hindering the development which is reflected positively on both sides.
The number of foreign tourists who visited Turkey last year as in 2015 amounted to about 35 million tourists, including about 5 million Arab tourists, a good proportion of which is moving most of the visits to the historic city of Istanbul, the ancient capital.
The Minister of Tourism Turkey held a meeting with the Arab Organization for Tourism Director to discuss ways to enhance cooperation between them and to increase the number of tourists and provide multiple facilities to spend happy exhilarating vacation.


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