Mount "Uludag" in Bursa .. expanse of Arab tourism after snow


Mount "Uludag" in Bursa .. expanse of Arab tourism after snow

The Mount "Ulu Dag" in the state of Bursa, northwest Turkey, a destination for tourists, especially Arabs them despite the end of the ski season.
And visiting Arab tourists Stock Exchange to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Uludag even after melting most of the snow from the slopes and the end of the ski the season, through daily flights organized into the region, where enjoying the air, tidiness and pure nature picturesque, without neglecting picked up some of the photographs charming views.

In his speech, "Khellouk Bjeran", head of the Union of hotels and tourist offices of the area south of the Marmara, said that Arab tourists flock to the area in all seasons of the year, which is happy working in the tourism sector in the stock market, pointing out that the Arab Enzddon visit Uludag even in times where the hotels are full.
Bjeran said, "Despite the fullness of hotels currently customers, and sufficient to provide cable services, but the tourists from Arab countries and Africa, visiting Uludag, where 90% of tourist arrivals to the stock market go up to the mountain and are content to visit the city."

For his part, the Lebanese tourist, "Karim Abdullah" that Turkey came to visit Istanbul and Bursa, pointing out that he ascended Uludag after a tour inside the city, he said, adding "there is no longer a lot of snow, but the scenery and fresh air is enough to visit the mountain."

In turn, the tourist country, "Said the letter," explained that the weather in the country's hot and there was snowfall at all, noting that he was visiting Uludag annually over the past five years between the months of January and April / May, saying, "The Weather in Uludag moderate, as well as the stock market is extremely beautiful, as we enjoy the natural scenery of the area through a cable car ride. "

According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, nearly 35 thousand Arab tourists visited the Stock Exchange in the period between the months of May / May and September / September last year, mostly from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Syria.

The data showed that Arab tourists make up 35% of the total foreign tourists coming to the stock market, half of them visited in the spring and summer, and 40% of them in the winter season, and 10% in the fall.


Adorned with Turkish city of Istanbul for 20 million tulip, it has been planted around the city, within the activities of the International Istanbul Tulip Festival, hosted by the municipality for the year atheist tenth respectively.

Opened the Istanbul mayor, "Kadir Top Bash", on the ninth of this month, the festival, which will continue its effectiveness until the end of this month, have been planted many kinds of tulip flowers in various parts of the city; in "Amargan" protected witnessed the city center very popular with Arab tourists , where they took photos in it.

She Dania Kayali, a Syrian refugee, because "the Istanbul-known tulip flowers, this beautiful flower provide us with love and hope, I went out of my own here and love this flower Ogdguetna not Ohssha because of the scourge of war."

We Kayali "We noted the Turkish Government's interest in the cultivation of this flower in abundance, and an interest in the opinion of the people, and I hope to see Arabs and especially my family in Syria here, I hope that they come to see the beauty of this flower that Omddtna positive and beautiful card."

He says Salman return, tourists, a Saudi, said that "This is my first visit to Turkey, I noticed that the gardens here, full of flowers and I loved that thing, I went to different cities, one of the coolest areas that I would advise Arabs visited, and I wish to repeat my visit to Turkey."

And carrying tulips "Lala flowers as they are called in Turkish" great importance to Istanbul, it has brought the Turks with them from their places of origin in Central Asia to Anatolia, and then spread from the Ottoman Empire to Europe in the sixteenth century, as it was named one of the periods of the Ottoman Empire tulip era, a the period from 1718 to 1730, where peace prevailed after signing a treaty with the Austrian Empire, which allowed the field to pay more attention to the arts, the cultivation of the tulip blossoms dramatically flourished in Istanbul at that time, was the production of new types of them.

And saw the first tulip festival in 2005, cultivate 600 thousand tulips in Istanbul, at a cost of 150 thousand Turkish liras, that number rose to 9.3 million flowers in 2009 at a cost of about a million and a half TL.


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