basic facts about the Turkish tourism sector and figures


basic facts about the Turkish tourism sector and figures

Turkey as the sixth most-loved tourist destinations in the world and is well past its plan to attract more than 40 million tourists a year within the next two years, they are still offering investment opportunities wide in each of the sub-sectors existing and newly developed in the area.

And because of its preferred site of Turkey, and the possibilities that already exist, and mega-projects, and the ambitious goals that have been planned for the year 2023, the tourism sector continues to grow faster than the capacity of hotels equipped to accommodate tourists. Although there was a wave of investments in the past few years, there is still room and plenty of new projects. There is the East and Southeast Anatolia regions of untapped potential to enrich the cultural tourism, as well as common for a lot of the hotel distinctive services concept, which blends well with nature and history and distinctive culture of the regions.

The following are some basic facts about the Turkish tourism sector and figures:

Turkey currently represents the sixth most-loved tourist destinations in the world, and attracts more than 30 million tourists annually, and continues to achieve positive growth every year.
The tourism sector has prepared annual targets to receive 50 million tourists and get a revenue of US $ 50 billion by the year 2023.
According to information released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign travelers coming to Turkey in 2015 was 39.4 million passengers, while total revenue for the tourism industry in the same year amounted to 31.4 billion US dollars.
The growth rate was in the Turkish tourism, higher than the global average in recent years, and the proportion of direct contribution of this area to meet the current account deficit in 2015 was 80 per cent, while the percentage of its contribution to the GDP, 4.37 per cent in the same year .
By the end of 2015, there were 13615 registered facility to stay. There were 9188 licensed facility by its municipalities, while the remaining facility owned 4427 licenses to work in the field of tourism. Total destruction of absorptive capacity of these facilities exceeds 1250000.
There are currently 281 projects under construction and will add 74,130 beds wanted to dramatically increase the number of little family, Turkey.

Antalya is the most preferred city in Turkey based on the number of foreign visitors coming to it. The foreign tourists had increased by 34 per cent in 2014, Vontalia has more than 500 hotel category 4-star and 5 star hotels in the city center and surrounding towns such as Kimac, Belek and Cass.
In 2015, there were more than 165 hotel chains in Turkey, and was owned by international investors 15 per cent of these hotels.
Turkey has 7,200 km area of ​​the coastal strip and occupies the second place among 38 countries because 436 of its beaches-certified Blue Flag; where only Spain only which has a greater number of winning beaches on the Blue Flag certificate more than Turkey number 578 beach. There are also 22 berths holder of a certificate of blue flag in Turkey.
In terms of the elements of the advancement of groundwater thermal tourism, Turkey is among the seven major countries in the world and occupies the first place in Europe by having 1,500 hot springs. And it reached the absorptive capacity in the various thermal spas to 55,140 in total.
Turkey is also a destination for the emerging field of golf tourism by having 15 licensed tourist resorts for golfing. Most of the golf courses in Turkey turf grass cover, which makes it ideal to suit the Mediterranean climate and can play it for more than a decade.
According to tourism figures for 2015, the Euromonitor International magazine compiles the top 100 most city visit in the world, ranked tenth place Antalya number of 11.1 million foreign visitors.
And because of its Istanbul from growing global interdependence, where it is due a large margin to the appropriate geographical location, it is considered to substantially the center of attention with the recently submitted to the fifth place of the cities most visited according to "The MasterCard Worldwide Index of cities unintended" in 2015 during a meeting with more than 11.8 million foreign visitors and local annually.
A report cities and countries rankings issued by the International Association for meetings and conferences (ICCA) 2014 Istanbul retain its position among the top 10 global destinations for holding conferences. And occupying the eighth place in the world in 2014 by setting up 130 conference, it has retained its position Istanbul now among the top 10 cities since 2010.
The Turkish government offers many incentives and pursuing policies that contribute to the provision of low interest rates and the imposition of low tax rates while working to remove any bureaucratic barriers to growth in the tourism sector may hinder decisively.


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